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So I have too many photos and not enough time to write the stories that go with them.  I had so much to tell about Morocco but ended up just throwing the photos up there since I had been back for over a month and have even more trips to blog about since then.  I also just arrived back in the states, so even more to tell.  I’m going to try to catch up but it may take a while.  Luckily I’ve been keeping up with putting things on Flickr so, check out what your missing there.



It’s been a while.  My procrastination tendancies have shifted recently, instead of ignoring things like excersize and openings across town for books, long meals, and blogging it’s been the other way around.  I think it’s because Spring is coming.  Whatever the reason I’m trying to embrace the change of pace.


The kids artwork in the bathtub


Winnie with the world at her back after work


The coffee mugs that were.


The day we didn’t work and sipped coffee all day instead.


I wish I could live in a lamp shop.  I love them.


Blumen (flower) Shop in the U Bahn station.



Leibovitz Lecture


Last week I had some amazing luck and ended up with a ticket to the sold out Annie Leibovitz lecture at the C|O Berlin where her retrospective is up, “A Photographer’s Life.”  The space was beautiful and walking past the giant line felt pretty great, turns out Germans love her; I saw a “Willkommen Annie” cover story on at least 3 big newspapers the day she arrived.

I know a lot of photographers don’t feel this way.  My room mate, for one, who was her first assistant for many years back in the 90’s.  Fortunately for me he didn’t really feel like going (apparently she can be more than rude on set) and thus I ended up with his ticket.  A lot of other photographers who have never actually worked with her, like me, kind of cringe about her because she’s become one of those names.  You know, like Ansel Adams or (more full on cringe here) Anne Geddes.   The type people who don’t know much about Photography mention whilst in awkward getting to know you conversations with a photographer.  I know I’ve had to surpress an eye roll on more than one occasion when people mention those names, it’s happened to the best of us.


All that said when Leibovitz walked in, I stood on my tippy toes to see her and later on found myself taking as many photos as I could while she was nearby.  She’s a household name for a reason and although I still don’t get Anne Geddes I had a similar experience with Ansel Adams in which I went to a retrospective show and was floored by the beauty of his prints.  Sometimes there’s reason for the hype.


Also, I just finished reading the late Susan Sontag’s journals “Reborn” and since Leibovitz and Sontag were partners I was interested to hear her talk about her.  When she did the audience went completely silent, more so as we watched this very powerful seemingly guarded woman grow a bit emotional as she referred to ‘loosing Susan.’


“when we met she knew I could be better, I could’ve been a jerk or the work could’ve gotten better.  I never really could be the person she wanted me to be.  She had a high set of values.  I never felt like I could totally please her”

Apparently the “Women” book was Sontags idea, interesting fact.  I found the photos in the show of Sontag to be really beautiful.  I think it’s always telling to see the portraits the portrait photographer takes of their loved ones.  Leibovitz said that was the motivation for the show, after Sontag died she was looking through photographs of her believing in all their years together she’d failed to get any really great ones.

She went on to talk about the photograph of her Mother, from the Women book and how it has become so much more to her over the years.  Just before taking it her Mother had asked her not to make her look old and after when she showed her parents neither one liked it.

“We always had to smile for photos when I was younger, in the best and worst of times.  And my Mother always smiled in photos.  But, I began to distrust the smile, in my protraits you rarely see people smiling….later at the show someone came up to me and said ‘she looks as if she loves you in that picture'”


It was nice to hear some of the anecdotes behind the photos I’ve referenced since I was 16.  And yes I have to admit I was a bit star struck; it’s hard not to be when you walk through the rooms of people she’s photographed.  I mean just to have met all those people is a pretty amazing feat.  I know I know, you can roll your eyes if you must.


“as a photographer, my achilles heal: I like people to look good.”

Annie Leibovitz

Lurv is all around us


In case you’re wondering:

Lurve Meaning

from OHIO   Friday, February 04, 2005, 01:39 GMT

I found this word “lurve” on some forums on the net. What does it mean exactly?Is it British?


Jim   Friday, February 04, 2005, 02:06 GMT

I guess it means “love” but just a nonstandard spelling.

..   Friday, February 04, 2005, 02:07 GMT

It is a curve in an otherwise flat surface that starts concave for 12% of its radius, then turns convex for the remainder.

I hope this helps.(BTW usually used when describing the way in which a penguin moves through the water when being chased by a leopard seal)

Jim   Friday, February 04, 2005, 02:49 GMT

That’s an incorrect definition of the wrong word.

..   Friday, February 04, 2005, 03:00 GMT

No, it is exactly right, I happen to be a penguin biologist.

Jim   Friday, February 04, 2005, 03:11 GMT
I misread your post. It’s not an incorrect definition of the wrong word. It’s just an incorrect definition.
Here’s the correct defintion.

lurve [Show phonetics]
They spend every evening together – I think it might be lurve.

lurve [Show phonetics]

I guessed right. Let me make another guess: you’re no penguin biologist.

…   Friday, February 04, 2005, 03:19 GMT

I beg to differ, I am right this very moment, typing my reply to you from the Estonian Penguin Research Station in Antarctica. Count yourself lucky that I see fit to use our 10 dollar a minute satellite connection just to type my reply to you.

Your Cambridge dictionary is wrong, that is all I have to say. The only other option is that it neglected to include the standard meaning of the word ‘lurve’.

found here.

I wish I could play a game of Balderdash with these crazies.  Happy Valentines Day Everyone!