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My Friend Barbara

I’ve arrived in Germany!

After I got to Frankfurt and figured out how to call Barbara from a German pay phone I was on a train to Wurzburg where Barbara met me at the train station.  Wurzburg isn’t a huge city but it has wonderful public transportation, very friendly people, and Barbara was telling me even though there are a lot of young people there’s hardly any crime.  “It’s like a village even though it is larger.”

I met Barbara in Italy when I was studying at Il Sillabo.  She’s fluent in Italian and was working at a school outside Florence for about 5 weeks before returning to Wurzburg to finish school.  Now it is near impossible to explain a person in one blog post so I will use photos and my favorite Barbara story.

Around the time Barbara and I went to Rome, just after meeting each other we came across the inevitable question; “Why Italy?” Well it turns out Barbara is a very Italian name and Barbara’s mother named her after a little Italian girl she used to care for so besides that connection (and loving the culture and language) there was also a room in her house.  “We call the room Italy.  Since I was little, because it is where we keep our things for the beach and we would go to Italy for summer vacation.”  Now the room is still filled with storage things, skis, etc.  But the whole family still calls it Italy.

“I have to go to Italy and grab something real quick”

“I think it’s in Italy”

“I forgot we put our bikes back in Italy, I’ll go get them”

Isn’t that fantastic?  I certainly love it, and to hear Barbara tell of it and see her smile grow. it’s really quite nice.  Not only is she a very sweet person, all of her friends have been kind too.


The first day I was a bit jet lagged so we just took a walk along the river and stopped at a park to walk across the pond.  The day before I arrived they got snow, Barbara says that Wurzburg usually doesn’t get much but this year it’s been colder than usual.  We went to the Mensa later (more on that in another post) for dinner where I met Ande, Barbara’s boyfriend.  Then I fell sound asleep in my comfy little bed next to the heater and slept soundly for the next 10 or so hours.


I can’t tell if it’s jet lag or if something really life changing is about to happen


From Florence to Frankfurt


Frankfurt Airport


Seatac Seattle to JFK New York



Logan Airport Boston (the only airport I’ve ever seen with large rows of white rocking chairs)


Boston to Dublin


Dublin to Frankfurt



Frankfurt Train Station

Wonderful Visits

Well my visit back to the states was quick. I’m already back in Europe and it feels like I just left Italy. Being back in the states was nice, seeing my friends and family was wonderful.

Here are some highlights:


Whitest Christmas I’ve ever had on Whidbey, and most productive scarf making week of my life.  Turns out being snowed in ain’t so bad.


Hanging out with Liam, my nephew.  He kept pretending to take my picture then telling me I looked like Mikey Mouse.  It was so great to see him, my niece Annexea and my Brother Leaf.


My Mom at our family friends for Christmas dinner.  Notice her festive Christmas lights necklace (which is available at Caseys Crafts of course!).

The clouds on my flight to New York were stunning.


So was the view of the NYC skyline from Alyson and Este’s Apartment.


Oh America I missed you.


The best part was seeing all my wonderful friends!


And of course a big shoutout to Layla and Isabella in Brooklyn and Rosa in Somerville.  I’m really glad my friends own cats.

dsc_0332Home Cooked meals including Mama Mushalla’s Quesidillas, Alyson’s Roasted Red Pepper and Polenta, Ross’s Pancakes, Triple E’s potato pizza, and (above) Amanda’s Mac and Cheese!

Walking around Boston and Cambridge bookstores was also fabulous.  No photos of those though.

And of course playing in the snow with everyone, which seemed to follow me everywhere I went.  First in Washington where it was out of control, then in NY a little bit, and then a snowstorm in Boston out of nowhere.  Wonder what the weather will be like in Germany.


For more photos of friends and good times check out my facebook or my flickr in a few months when I get around to putting them up.

New York Fuckin City

Here I am, back again.

I’ve been staying with my friends Este and Alyson for a few days now; I just got back from class Yoga to the People so I’m nice and smelly and feeling cleansed.  I feel pretty ready for 2009, new places to go, new and I can already say with confidence better President, and another year of new questions and answers.  Now I’m not one for resolutions; I prefer not to put a date on when I make resolutions because then I’d procrastinate more than I already do.  I shoot for the fall season instead as a time of quitting and beggining habits.  I just want to continue to be open minded and appreciative.  Thanks to my family, new friends, and old for making 2008 wonderful, see you next year!




dsc_02912Polaroid from the Flight out of Frankfurt

Nell’Amore con un Paese

In Love with a Country

I leave for Seattle early Monday morning.  It’s Friday.  Italy and I both know it’s coming but we have our cappucino and cornetto like it’s any other day.

Italy and I have had an ongoing love affair for quite some time.  Sometimes Italy is like the love I know isn’t going to pan out; we keep taking each other back even though we’ve witnessed the long awkward pauses before responding to questions about our future together.  After a weekend in the country side I feel I would be content to give up on my career dreams to have a small house and a job waitressing in a small town just so Italy and I could be together.  Then something reminds me of why that can’t be, like Berlusconi and his suntan comment.  Ugh, sometimes I feel like I don’t even know you Italy.

I go to my parents for a while and hope that Italy wises up while I’m away.  My friends say you can’t change a country but I know deep down it’s such an amazing place, just a little stuck in the past, if only it would stop following every bit of advice from it’s friend Vatican City.

So I await the grand gesture which usually comes in the form of fate or gut instinct.  When all of a sudden everything in my life lines up again for me to go back to Italy; and really wasn’t I happier when we were together?  So what if Italy is a bit conventional, I don’t mind when a guy helps me with my luggage and often times I miss such rituals when I’m back with the states.  And sure England has more money and my Mom likes it more but that’s no reason to love a place.

And what about America, the one I grew up with?  Or France my first love, from when I was younger and wore my heart on my sleeve.  Plus there’s always other places in the sea, I mean I never went on that date with Japan and sure Germany was a bit callous on that first trip but maybe I just need to get to know it better.  Maybe finding love with a place isn’t one of those things you can force, some people say they tried for years then one day they realized it was right in front of them all along.  That place you spend the rest of your life with.

Part of me really thought Italy could be the one though, maybe I was fooling myself.  The other day while I was packing my bags and sipping some Chianti Classico one of our songs came on, Mina “Parole Parole Parole.” Oh Italy, how can I leave you? And sure we say we’ll get back together when the timing is better but everybody says that when they leave a country.

dscn0127Back in 2005, so young, so in love with Italy


photo-144My first day in San Giovanni Valdarno




I suppose time will tell but I know I’ll always think back fondly on our time together.  Ciao per adesso il mio Amore.


My Mom is arriving today and even though it’s pouring buckets I couldn’t be happier.  Hooray for Moms!


So Much Has Happened

I left Whidbey Island on the 19th of August and haven’t stopped yet. My Sister and I arrived in Barcelona on the 20th each with our own crazy travel stories to tell (more on those later) and I just got the wireless password for our apartment. There is quite a bit of catching up to do.

First of all, there is always a story to tell when traveling on a flight that lasts more than six hours and goes through countries where you don’t speak the language. I flew through Copenhagen.

Now I don’t know if any of you have the fantasy where you end up sitting next to your sole mate simply through fate putting you in 23C instead of 26A but I most certainly do; so much so, in fact, that I have troubles with changing/choosing my seat before my flight (what if I am missing my opportunity
simply for the window seat).

That said, when I saw a glimpse of the guy in the window seat that I would share the next 10 hours with I got excited that he was pretty good looking and about my age. Seat mates always looks better from far away
with extremely unreasonable expectations. Not only is this guy an awkwardly large 17-19 year old but he also doesn’t seem to speak much English. He cranked up his European Techno and I let go of my dream once again (by the way I have been right next to people that exchanged numbers after meeting each other on a plane and they seemed to make connections so it is possible).

Six hours later I slowly wake up to realize this guy and I are sort of spooning, as much as you can in airplane seats, and that he has just woken up also. The awkwardness was definitely there but the need for sleep overcame it and even though we both knew it was weird to be leaning in on a complete stranger we went back to bed. I slowly brought my head and shoulder back to my space and ordered a coffee but all in all it was a pretty funny experience.

Then I tried to get online in the Copenhagen airport and ended up taking pictures of myself at the gate instead (so many plants, at every gate).