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Bled, Posojna Caves, and More First Time Experiences.


In the car, early that morning on our way to Bled.


Bled is gorgeous, even in less than perfect weather.  There is a castle in the top right and on an Island in the middle of the lake there is another beautiful smaller castle like building.  There’s also a Spa on the other side of the lake which Aneja told me is much cheaper than Spas in the states.



It all reminded me of a place families go for summer trips. It made me want to be 13 and with my parents, pretending it was awful to be forced into a vacation with them but in the end really enjoying myself.



Then we walked up to the castle and admired the view.  I really prefer walking up to these beautiful vistas, when you’ve worked for it it’s sweeter.  Also I really liked walking amidst the tall tall trees, reminded me of home.





A detail from the castle church above and below a photo of some mushrooms we noticed on the walk back down to the lake.


After the castle we had some delicious desserts and coffee, so delicious, in fact that the distracted me from taking a photo of them.  Then I took a nap in the car while we drove to Postojna where we bought tickets to see the caves.  Then we drove to a nearby castle IN A CAVE.  It was so amazingly crazy that I made this face:


Miss Amanda this castle reminded me a lot of you, I felt myself experiencing the Amanda type of excitement, where you smile and bounce with awe like you’re five and don’t care who’s watching.

Below, a garden of a house nearby the cave castle, that I liked a lot.


Unfortunately photos are not allowed inside the caves because it’s bad for them but I snuck this one senza flash.  I must say the Postojna Caves are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, if you ever get the chance I highly reccomend visiting them, they’ll take your breath away.

First we took a train down into the caves and then we went on a guided walk (in English, I wasn’t quite up to Italian) with this older guy who kept making corny jokes (Amanda, you would’ve loved him).  It was so gigantic inside, it’s hard to describe without a lot of hand gestures.  You see that little figure in the left corner of the photo; that’s a tall guy.  And this was one of the smaller parts of the cave.  Grandissima!


Later after driving back and having another wonderful dinner at the house we went to see Aneja’s grandparents (Vlada’s parents) in their house in a small hill town nearby.  They speak Italian fluently and had an Italian friend over at the house; it was amazing for me to watch them all joke and laugh in Italian.  And I found myself laughing at the right times even though if asked in English to explain I wouldn’t have known how.  A lot of the time you know before you know how to explain why you know, I’m starting to trust this more and more.

After cookies and laughs I was shown the hunting room, Aneja’s grandfather is an amazing hunter and is rather famous for having killed a giant bear among other things.  It was fun to point to the different animals and learn their names in Italian.  Also it’s not every day you get to see a hobbiests personal collection of favorite things, I felt privilaged to be shown.



Then back to the house where I tried a few firsts.  The jug is home made apple juice from Aneja’s neighbors, they had just dropped it off for them and I of course had to try it.  It was really good.

Then the Slovenian wine that Vlada had told me about earlier, very good, and a rather strange first Watermelon Chocolate with pop rocks which was better than I expected but mostly just strange.  I had to take a photo because really when am I going to see that again.




Then we went to bed early, exausted and satisfied.