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“My name is Lucca, I live on the second floor…Just don’t ask me what it was.”

Remember that song from sometime in or near the 90’s about a girl that doesn’t like her neighbor asking her about her abusive boyfriend? Well Barbara and I went to the Italian town of the same name on Saturday and couldn’t get it out of my head for the whole in ritardo (running late) train ride. Then we walked out and saw the beautiful scenery and I quickly attached new ideas and memories to the name. It’s a good thing too, that song is one of those listen to once a year types.

Here are some highlights:

Wall around the old city

Wall around the old city

caffe' con Barbara, sempre.

Oh and by the by, I am working on putting more photos on my flickr slowly but surely so that I don’t post quite so many on here because I know it takes ages to load. For now I suggest you click on a current post and view it specifically rather than all of them at once.