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I can’t tell if it’s jet lag or if something really life changing is about to happen


From Florence to Frankfurt


Frankfurt Airport


Seatac Seattle to JFK New York



Logan Airport Boston (the only airport I’ve ever seen with large rows of white rocking chairs)


Boston to Dublin


Dublin to Frankfurt



Frankfurt Train Station


Radda in Chianti

This week Jennie and I went to see “Burn After Reading” in Florence at my favorite theater, The Odeon.  It was nice to see a movie in English with popcorn and all; although this theater is anything but ordinary (it feels like an Opera Hall).  Here are a few photos:

I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the movie if it were in Italian, or enjoyed it as much.  It made me think about many subtlties I will probably miss in Italian no matter how well I speak it.  Also, I love the Coen brothers, you should go see it.

Then I had another day trip with the school to Chianti, a little town called Radda and then another vineyard.  This time they were in full grape picking mode and we got to learn a lot about the process, and listen to some grapes in the process of fermenting.  We left a gorgeous sunset and returned home pretty early, all and all another wonderful day trip.

Primo Gita a Firenze; First trip to Florence

On Saturday after a perfect breakfast and a brief glimpse of the market that over takes San Giovanni Valdarno every Saturday Aneja and I headed to Florence (Anna went early to go to the Uffizi).

It only takes about 40 minutes from downtown SGV to downtown Florence.  Once we got there we decided to head to the Duomo, by way of Promod where I bought a dress.
There was a huge line to the inside of the church so we decided to climb to the top of the dome instead, blissfully ignoring the signs about no elevators. I didn’t take any photos on the way up but here’s one from the way down to give you an idea.

a little terrifying to have to hold on to the ceiling because the stairs are so steep

a little terrifying to have to hold on to the ceiling because the stairs are so steep

There were so many narrow flights of stairs that by the time we got to the top we were red faced and sweaty and not really in the mood to be photographed.  However the view was gorgeous and it felt like a grand accomplishment that we had climbed that high.

After this we met up with Anna and together went over Ponte Vecchio and into Palazzo Pitti to see the Boboli Gardens.  It was a very hot day and we stopped a few times during the climb to rest in the shade and take photos.

The view was gorgeous but we were exhausted, it was so hot and humid.  We went through the museum then back down the hill, indulging in the little breezes that cooled us off.

After wards we walked around Florence window shopping and dragging our sore feet.  This is when I snapped this photo of different types of tights named for different American states.  Who knew Oregon would be the choice for seam up the back tights.

Eventually we decided we’d had enough and headed home to SGV.

Aneja and I decided we were ready for a nice dinner out and headed to Osteria d’Angelo, which was perfect.  I had verdura alla griglia as an antipasto and Aneja had a salad then we shared the plate of fromaggi and two delicious desserts.  I had the pear tart with chocolate sauce and Aneja had the cheese cake with fresh berries and then half way through we swapped which, we think, is the best way to do dessert.