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That Was Then, This is Now

After  hard goodbye with Katie I was on the train to DC for the wedding that started this whole trip and a squeal filled reunion with the girls from Florence.

It was Kimmie and I at one end of the hall, Kelly, Kristin (who came together from DC), and Hannah at the other end.  That semester seems so far away now but I find myself thinking of it all the time.  We really became close, we spent nearly all our time together developing inside jokes with the staff, traveling, and occasionally admitting to missing home.  In the last days of our time together we talked about reuniting in Florence someday, how great that would be.

That thought seems pretty naive now but I’m proud to say we’ve done better than most.  Hannah and I have visited one another a few times (me to GA then her to MA), Kristin and I wrote letters, and even though this visit was hectic it felt wonderful to have almost all of us together again.


Kelly, Kristin, Hannah Frances Baby Baker (as we like to call her), and me.

(Kim-we missed you!)

It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful trip to DC.  We all marveled at Kristin’s hard work (yea, she crochetted that dress herself!), I took silly sweet photos of Hannah and her boyfriend Brian, I got to meet up for a lot of wonderful conversation with my dear friend Lcy Daumen from home (such good conversation that I completely forgot to take any photos), and Hannah and Brian showed me around including a wonderful visit to the Art o Matic.



Happy Bride and Groom!


Thanks to Kristin and Ed for a lovely ceremony, I was so happy to be there.  And big thanks to Hannah and Brian for showing me such a great time!  Come to NY!

*apparently I’ve reached my photo quota, more to come as soon as I can!


Flying into Fes


I fell in love with a stranger sitting in front of me on the flight over, turning courteous considerate gestures into a personality I admired.  He only carried a newspaper onto the plane which is something that always attracts me since I am the girl with the giant bag of two or so books, an iPod filled with podcasts, and some postcards to write in case.  We didn’t speak at all but in the course of the flight I imagined how we met, why I loved him, the troubles we faced together, and the happy conclusion of why it was better that we go our separate ways.  We were both better for having had the experience and would always reflect fondly on our time together.


The colors of Morocco instantly awoke me and the giant back pack felt like nothing compared to the weightless excitement I was experiencing.  I hoped into a taxi and showed him the address and the hand drawn map I’d copied from google maps at 6am that, no wait, the morning of the day before.  I tried not to think about how little I’d slept in the past week. Too many good things were coming up.


The taxi driver taught me the word for sunset in french as I clicked away with my camera, he kept looking at my grin and breaking into a smile himself, “you will love Morocco, you are welcome.”  This phrase would come back many times in the next two weeks but hearing it for the first time it felt like it was just for me.

After arriving to the landmark closest to the Riad where I was supposed to meet my Sister (which she had warned would be impossble to find) the driver apologized, he couldn’t drive into the medina.  He grabbed a shop owner nearby that seemed to be a close friend.  The driver pointed to a cart that looked like a backwards wheel barrow, “he can take you.”  I politely declined and started to walk when they insisted I let the shop owners son take me.  A shy boy about 6 or 7 lowered his head and stepped forward.  Soon we were walking throught the medina, a little wobbily in my state, attracting attention from each group of people in each narrow passage.dsc_0137

I made some friends, felt a bit helpless and overwhelmed, but an hour or so later my Sister and I were hugging and swapping travel stories.  We had some delicious dinner before heading to the Riad where we started our Rummy tournament, Morocco 2009.

Lurv is all around us


In case you’re wondering:

Lurve Meaning

from OHIO   Friday, February 04, 2005, 01:39 GMT

I found this word “lurve” on some forums on the net. What does it mean exactly?Is it British?


Jim   Friday, February 04, 2005, 02:06 GMT

I guess it means “love” but just a nonstandard spelling.

..   Friday, February 04, 2005, 02:07 GMT

It is a curve in an otherwise flat surface that starts concave for 12% of its radius, then turns convex for the remainder.

I hope this helps.(BTW usually used when describing the way in which a penguin moves through the water when being chased by a leopard seal)

Jim   Friday, February 04, 2005, 02:49 GMT

That’s an incorrect definition of the wrong word.

..   Friday, February 04, 2005, 03:00 GMT

No, it is exactly right, I happen to be a penguin biologist.

Jim   Friday, February 04, 2005, 03:11 GMT
I misread your post. It’s not an incorrect definition of the wrong word. It’s just an incorrect definition.
Here’s the correct defintion.

lurve [Show phonetics]
They spend every evening together – I think it might be lurve.

lurve [Show phonetics]

I guessed right. Let me make another guess: you’re no penguin biologist.

…   Friday, February 04, 2005, 03:19 GMT

I beg to differ, I am right this very moment, typing my reply to you from the Estonian Penguin Research Station in Antarctica. Count yourself lucky that I see fit to use our 10 dollar a minute satellite connection just to type my reply to you.

Your Cambridge dictionary is wrong, that is all I have to say. The only other option is that it neglected to include the standard meaning of the word ‘lurve’.

found here.

I wish I could play a game of Balderdash with these crazies.  Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I can’t tell if it’s jet lag or if something really life changing is about to happen


From Florence to Frankfurt


Frankfurt Airport


Seatac Seattle to JFK New York



Logan Airport Boston (the only airport I’ve ever seen with large rows of white rocking chairs)


Boston to Dublin


Dublin to Frankfurt



Frankfurt Train Station

Nell’Amore con un Paese

In Love with a Country

I leave for Seattle early Monday morning.  It’s Friday.  Italy and I both know it’s coming but we have our cappucino and cornetto like it’s any other day.

Italy and I have had an ongoing love affair for quite some time.  Sometimes Italy is like the love I know isn’t going to pan out; we keep taking each other back even though we’ve witnessed the long awkward pauses before responding to questions about our future together.  After a weekend in the country side I feel I would be content to give up on my career dreams to have a small house and a job waitressing in a small town just so Italy and I could be together.  Then something reminds me of why that can’t be, like Berlusconi and his suntan comment.  Ugh, sometimes I feel like I don’t even know you Italy.

I go to my parents for a while and hope that Italy wises up while I’m away.  My friends say you can’t change a country but I know deep down it’s such an amazing place, just a little stuck in the past, if only it would stop following every bit of advice from it’s friend Vatican City.

So I await the grand gesture which usually comes in the form of fate or gut instinct.  When all of a sudden everything in my life lines up again for me to go back to Italy; and really wasn’t I happier when we were together?  So what if Italy is a bit conventional, I don’t mind when a guy helps me with my luggage and often times I miss such rituals when I’m back with the states.  And sure England has more money and my Mom likes it more but that’s no reason to love a place.

And what about America, the one I grew up with?  Or France my first love, from when I was younger and wore my heart on my sleeve.  Plus there’s always other places in the sea, I mean I never went on that date with Japan and sure Germany was a bit callous on that first trip but maybe I just need to get to know it better.  Maybe finding love with a place isn’t one of those things you can force, some people say they tried for years then one day they realized it was right in front of them all along.  That place you spend the rest of your life with.

Part of me really thought Italy could be the one though, maybe I was fooling myself.  The other day while I was packing my bags and sipping some Chianti Classico one of our songs came on, Mina “Parole Parole Parole.” Oh Italy, how can I leave you? And sure we say we’ll get back together when the timing is better but everybody says that when they leave a country.

dscn0127Back in 2005, so young, so in love with Italy


photo-144My first day in San Giovanni Valdarno




I suppose time will tell but I know I’ll always think back fondly on our time together.  Ciao per adesso il mio Amore.