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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.

When I first arrived in Wurzburg one of the things I noticed was these condom ads everywhere.  When I asked Barbara about them she said new ones are up all the time, no big deal, just a reminder to be safe with some statistics about the spread of AIDS.

I am trying not to be one of those people that travels to Europe and then comes back to the states and is so disgusted by all that is American and can’t stop talking about how much better everything is in Europe.  I know there are great differences in every place and I try to appreciate them rather than constantly compare them.  Having said that; America sucks at Sex Education and most European countries are much better.




Condom machines are in front of most pharmacies; instead of in a sleazy bar bathroom (usually only the mens!?) or inside the planned parenthood.  These machines are not just in big cities either, this one below is in San Giovanni and it was one of many in the tiny town.


I know I’m mosty just ranting here, but I wanted to share my thoughts.  Below I’ve listed some statistics and links to great articles I’ve stumbled across concerning sex, sex education, etc.  They are far more eloquent in their rants.


On the Dutch Model, which teaches children at a young age to openly dicuss and ask questions (SO THEY KNOW) about sex:

To some critics who argue that “talking about sex gives children the wrong idea,” Jos Poelman of the Foundation for STD control has one answer. “Face the facts. We have the lowest number of teenage mothers [in Europe], and Dutch students do not start having sex at a younger age than their foreign counterparts.”


Also Dan Savage is pretty much amazing and his podcast is free so if you don’t already listen to it you should start!

So Much Has Happened

I left Whidbey Island on the 19th of August and haven’t stopped yet. My Sister and I arrived in Barcelona on the 20th each with our own crazy travel stories to tell (more on those later) and I just got the wireless password for our apartment. There is quite a bit of catching up to do.

First of all, there is always a story to tell when traveling on a flight that lasts more than six hours and goes through countries where you don’t speak the language. I flew through Copenhagen.

Now I don’t know if any of you have the fantasy where you end up sitting next to your sole mate simply through fate putting you in 23C instead of 26A but I most certainly do; so much so, in fact, that I have troubles with changing/choosing my seat before my flight (what if I am missing my opportunity
simply for the window seat).

That said, when I saw a glimpse of the guy in the window seat that I would share the next 10 hours with I got excited that he was pretty good looking and about my age. Seat mates always looks better from far away
with extremely unreasonable expectations. Not only is this guy an awkwardly large 17-19 year old but he also doesn’t seem to speak much English. He cranked up his European Techno and I let go of my dream once again (by the way I have been right next to people that exchanged numbers after meeting each other on a plane and they seemed to make connections so it is possible).

Six hours later I slowly wake up to realize this guy and I are sort of spooning, as much as you can in airplane seats, and that he has just woken up also. The awkwardness was definitely there but the need for sleep overcame it and even though we both knew it was weird to be leaning in on a complete stranger we went back to bed. I slowly brought my head and shoulder back to my space and ordered a coffee but all in all it was a pretty funny experience.

Then I tried to get online in the Copenhagen airport and ended up taking pictures of myself at the gate instead (so many plants, at every gate).