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Wonderful Visits

Well my visit back to the states was quick. I’m already back in Europe and it feels like I just left Italy. Being back in the states was nice, seeing my friends and family was wonderful.

Here are some highlights:


Whitest Christmas I’ve ever had on Whidbey, and most productive scarf making week of my life.  Turns out being snowed in ain’t so bad.


Hanging out with Liam, my nephew.  He kept pretending to take my picture then telling me I looked like Mikey Mouse.  It was so great to see him, my niece Annexea and my Brother Leaf.


My Mom at our family friends for Christmas dinner.  Notice her festive Christmas lights necklace (which is available at Caseys Crafts of course!).

The clouds on my flight to New York were stunning.


So was the view of the NYC skyline from Alyson and Este’s Apartment.


Oh America I missed you.


The best part was seeing all my wonderful friends!


And of course a big shoutout to Layla and Isabella in Brooklyn and Rosa in Somerville.  I’m really glad my friends own cats.

dsc_0332Home Cooked meals including Mama Mushalla’s Quesidillas, Alyson’s Roasted Red Pepper and Polenta, Ross’s Pancakes, Triple E’s potato pizza, and (above) Amanda’s Mac and Cheese!

Walking around Boston and Cambridge bookstores was also fabulous.  No photos of those though.

And of course playing in the snow with everyone, which seemed to follow me everywhere I went.  First in Washington where it was out of control, then in NY a little bit, and then a snowstorm in Boston out of nowhere.  Wonder what the weather will be like in Germany.


For more photos of friends and good times check out my facebook or my flickr in a few months when I get around to putting them up.


Just shy of three weeks late I am finally ready to blog about Italy. First some facts for the new comers:

In 2005 I spent a fall semester abroad in Firenze studying Art History and Fashion.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2007.

Spent a year in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY where I learned that

Moved back to my parents house for the summer

And then I went to Italy by way of Spain with my Sister, to study at Il Sillabo in a small Tuscan town called San Giovanni. I found this program through the website Apple Languages. I’ve posted the link below.

Why Italy? Well it’s still difficult to explain. I was feeling very stuck in New York; I had just graduated, left a large majority of friends in Boston, and was living in the city with everything. I knew I needed something to hold onto, something that I was completely sure of, and I was positive that I loved living in Italy. So I looked online for something relatively cheap and decided I needed a small town, San Giovanni had a nice ring to it. I was going purely on gut instinct.