In Treno da Slovenia

Allora, il Mercoledi scorso sono andata in Slovenia per vistare Aneja e sua famiglia.  Sua Madre, Vlada, e suo fratello, Blaz hanno incontrato io nella stazione a Trieste.  Abbiamo visto la citta e prendo caffe primo andiamo a casa di loro.  Trieste e bella ma preferisco la compagna di Slovenia dove Aneja e sua famiglia abitanno.  Vlada ha fatto una cena buona per io e Blaz.  Sono stata contenta perche abbiamo parlato tutto in l’Italiano senza molte problemi.  Era buona per me perche di solito ho una persona a parlare con in l’Inglese ma, senza l’Inglese e’ meglio.  Quando Aneja e’ arrivata abbiamo chiacchierato e dopo siamo andate i letti a dormire.


Last Wednesday I went to Slovenia, I took the train to Trieste by way of a train change in Venice.  I was able to work on my computer during the train ride, and by work I mean listen to This American Life and take photobooth pictures of myself.  When I arrived in Trieste Aneja’s Mom Vlada and her brother Blaz picked me up from the station.  After dropping off my bag they showed me around the center of the city and treated me to a coffee. Later we headed to their house in Slovenia where Vlada made Blaz and I the first of many wonderful dinners.  Aneja arrived later after her class and we of course squeeled with delight at the sight of one another.  It was great to be reunited, she wanted to know all about il Sillabo and the new students and was quick to let me know my Italian was much better.  Thanks Aneja. We headed to bed to catch some Zzzs.

It felt good to get out of Italy and be in a warm house.


Aneja’s house at 6am the next day.


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