Firenze Again and hanging around SGV

Every Saturday San Giovanni is taken over by a street market and since we’d missed it last Saturday we checked it out this time.  I didn’t take many photos but it really is pretty big, the whole main square and three side streets filled with clothes, jewelry, plants, and food.

After that we went to Florence again on Saturday to do some shopping and get out of San Giovanni for a while.

After lunch Aneja went to sight see, Alex went to shop, and I went to visit my old neighborhood.  It was so strange to walk the same roads I’d walked every day two years ago.  It felt like everything and nothing had changed in the way that only a place and your interaction with it can be.

Piazza Liberta

Piazza Liberta

Hotel Meridiana, home for four months in '05

Hotel Meridiana, home for four months in

I stepped up to the hotel and recognized a familiar face behind the counter, it was Fabio and he recognized me.  We chatted for a little bit about how he’d been and how the other guys were doing then about US politics and our countries economies.  Every foreigner I’ve met has given me the same stern face and the same question,

“McCain o Obama?”


“But who will win?”

He told me the latest numbers for the race, Obama 44% and McCain 43%.  He said he really thinks Obama would be better for Italy and everyone but he’s starting to think he won’t win.  I’ve also heard this before.

“Obama! Spero!”

Spero means I hope in Italian.

It’s so unfortunate that a large majority of Europeans have lost faith in Americans because of Bush.  If only the world could vote it would most definitely be Obama.  If only.

The rest of the week was pretty slow so I might as well lump it together with this post.  Anna and I went to another dinner out where she finally got to try pecorino cheese with pear and honey, a traditional tuscan favorite of mine.

That night we were hanging out at il Pozzo when Tacca and some friends came by.  Miki (who is in the beginners class with me) and Taka both only speak Japanese and some Italian so we have to speak only Italian which is good but doesn’t get us into too deep of conversations.  With all the language barriers we decided to do something universally understood.  We played cards.

Taka, Miki, Alex, Aneja, and Anna

Taka, Miki, Alex, Aneja, and Anna

It was great because we spoke Italian and because we weren’t doing anything too difficult we could all understand it, including Miki and I the beginners.
The next day Anna and I went on a walk because we were pretty bored, then we took some photos.

That night Aneja and I went back to Osteria d’Angelo where we had first discovered our mutual love of a nice night out in a restaurant.  I got carpaccio with cured meet and green apples, which, was a first for me.  It was one of those dishes where you combine each element on the plate and get these perfect bites packed with flavor,  I highly recommend it.   Then Anna had pasta with zucchini and I had vegetables and shrimp.  For dessert, I had a fig tart (cause I’m in love with the taste of fig nowadays) and Aneja had the pear tart with roasted pine nuts and chocolate sauce again because it was so delicious the first time.

And finally Anna and I went on another walk, this time over the Arno, and took some more photos.


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  1. 1 whats4lunch September 30, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    wow, the food looks good!

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