La Scuola, Molto Gelato, e la Festa

I took some photos of my school to give those away from me an idea of where I spend most my time. It’s four floors in total. The lobby is pretty empty, the school has ten bikes that it loans out to students and they’re kept in a little courtyard next to the lobby.

The first floor is where Alex, Aneja, and Tacha live. In an apartment called ‘il Pozzo’ which means ‘the well’ in Italian.

the kitchen window of il Pozzo

Next is the second, the three American girls live here. Jennie, Angela, and Felicia who came together through West Virginia University for a semester abroad.

Finally after many steps, the top/3rd floor, this is where the front desk and all the classrooms are. It’s not very big but I like that it feels so homey.

my school is just to the right

After class, lunch, homework, and dinner Anna and I met up with Alex and Aneja for a walk and more gelato and the place near Coop.

Apparently in August San Giovanni is terribly quiet, most people are away for vacation, but for the first week of September there’s a festival with different stuff happening each night. There was a theater performance on this particular night so we went to check it out.

I couldn’t understand the majority of it but I understood that it was very contemporary. This woman in a beautiful white dress doing a monologue with three different characters using only a white chair as a prop with some lights and an elegantly tied red curtain behind her. As an artist and person from a town about as small as SGV it was really inspiring to see so many people out to see the show and support the artist.

The next day was another concert, this time in the main piazza, with a giant stage and what seemed like everyone in town watching the show. In true Italian fashion they started an hour late. We were hanging out at il Pozzo then went and had some gelato at the gelatoria in the piazza while we waited for the show to begin.

you can tell she's speaking Italian cause her hands are moving so much

Aneja and Anna Maria

Aneja and Anna Maria

I didn’t stay for much of the show but I did hear the first two songs, which were Beatles covers. Not the best but I must admit being able to sing along was nice.


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