So Monday was my first day of class and Wednesday was my first trip with class. We were off to Chianti after class to a small town with a gorgeous view and a small vineyard with amazing wine.
In separate cars we went drove down and mostly up some very curvy roads. I was lucky to be sat next to Gabby, a wonderful girl from London who was already fluent in French and picking up Italian very quickly.

At the end of the ride Anna and I weren’t feeling so great when we got out.

Then we walked up to this little town and felt much better. We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Then it was off to Villa Buonasera where the owner led us through a very informative tour through the vineyard (in Italian and English).

These are the containers for the first process of the reds and for the total process of the Rose

These are the barrels used for the red wine, all of different types of oak. She explained that even though they have good oak near by they can’t use it because it has the same flavors as the grapes because it’s of the same earth. So they have different barrels for different flavors; some that are smoked oak from Montana and others from very specific regions in France known for having a high quality flavor in their oak. Very interesting.

Afterwards we sat at a big table under the sun tasting wines and enjoying some apperitivi. We all talked and laughed in a variety of languages and enjoyed ourselves.

When we got back to San Giovanni some of us decided to go for gelato at the gelateria near Coop to see which place in town we preferred. Most of us preferred the one outside of town but would have to do future tastings to make sure.

Anna always catches me taking her picture.

Anna always catches me taking her picture.


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