Just shy of three weeks late I am finally ready to blog about Italy. First some facts for the new comers:

In 2005 I spent a fall semester abroad in Firenze studying Art History and Fashion.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2007.

Spent a year in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY where I learned that

Moved back to my parents house for the summer

And then I went to Italy by way of Spain with my Sister, to study at Il Sillabo in a small Tuscan town called San Giovanni. I found this program through the website Apple Languages. I’ve posted the link below.

Why Italy? Well it’s still difficult to explain. I was feeling very stuck in New York; I had just graduated, left a large majority of friends in Boston, and was living in the city with everything. I knew I needed something to hold onto, something that I was completely sure of, and I was positive that I loved living in Italy. So I looked online for something relatively cheap and decided I needed a small town, San Giovanni had a nice ring to it. I was going purely on gut instinct.


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