Last Day in Valencia

We had to get back to the market and do a little shopping before we went back to the beach again. Our day started out with this sighting, so we knew it would be a good day.

After stopping to buy a fabulous dress we were off to the market where Sister made some friends who were trying to escape and bought her paella pan.



the sepia I talked about before, so delicious!

the sepia I talked about before, so delicious!

ostrich eggs anyone?

ostrich eggs anyone?

After that we wandered through the back streets to shop for gifts and treasures. We found an amazing olive tree, a wild boar photo op, some pure pigments, and of course lots of photos.

This girl explained how the pure pigments in the right of the photo are made

Then we walked back towards the center of the old city to check out the architecture.

Then we found a little back street with some Valencia orange trees, perfect for our last night.

They smelled amazing.

pimp my vespa (it's an actual show in Italy)

Then it was off to the train station, paella pan and all, to get tickets for our trip back to Barcelona the next day. We wanted to make sure we got them early this time and while we were waiting in line to buy them I noticed something extra being smuggled in the boys bag.

Valencia train station

Valencia train station

It was actually kind of sweet, he made the kitten a bed in his bag and even though he was talking with his friends he kept nervously glancing to make sure it was ok. For a while it was walking around but then it took an adorable nap.

Then we back tracked to a cafe we’d seen to get some delicious food and even some dessert.

seafood salads

seafood salads

sepia and seafood paella

sepia with garlic french fries and seafood paella

fruit cocktail and gelato, yum

fruit cocktail and gelato, yum

We wondered back and packed for the trip back to Barcelona early the next day. That night we continued our new tradition of having a dinner from the supermarket while packing and relaxing. Gracias Valencia for a wonderful trip!


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