Vamos a la Playa

The next day we were ready for the beach. We went to the market for a peek (it was starting to close for siesta) and then took the Metro to the beach.

Spanish pup at the market

Spanish pup at the market

then we switched to the above ground metro (which never stops for traffic)

then we switched to the above ground metro

Then we had some orxata from the orxata lady

Then we had some orxata from the orxata lady

This was the first time I brought my camera to the beach (instead of a disposable) and I was a bit nervous but we bought lunch at a sandwich place with a logo on the bag so I hid it in there under a container of salad and checked on it often. Needless to say it was fine but I didn’t bring it out much cause I didn’t anyone to know I had it. I did end up taking a lot of photos of the area around the beach; my Sister and I were in love with these buildings.

We were a bit tired but not ready to go back to the hotel so we decided to sit and have some wine at this perfect little café. There were outdoor tables and a nice view of the beach so we played cards, relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.

so tan!

so tan!

Finally we left the beach, it was starting to get late and we were hungry. So we got off the metro at a random stop near the old town and rather serendipitously found a perfect dinner.

The first place we sat down had an ok looking menu but we weren’t very impressed and when the waiter ignored us for a good fifteen minutes (which happened a lot on the trip) we decided to go somewhere else. On a side street around the corner we found a little place with a great menu and a very friendly waiter. He had actually lived in Chelsea NYC for a while and was happy to hear we were enjoying his city

We both ordered salads; mine hade salmon and avacado (one of my favorite combinations) with greens and fresh fruit. Perfect! Then our waiter recommended the Sepia which is a type of calamari specific to Valencia; it was grilled with a little seasoning and it was delicious. We also had some green peppers because they’re the best.

There was also a younger waiter who obviously had some plans after work because his friends were waiting for him to finish and he was rushing as fast as possible. At first we felt a little bad, we weren’t the only table but still he obviously wanted to finish quickly. Then in between rushing around he brought over some sort of strong cava and we took shots together. I love that when a restaurant likes you they bring over extras; we ran into this a few times in Spain.

The market, the beach, some sunset watching, and a most delicious dinner it was a marvelous day in Valencia.


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