Shopping and Sightseeing

Day three and we are done saying “can you believe we’re here?” And on to saying “I love it here.” I finally stopped speaking so much Italian; instead of grazie it’s gracias. The languages are pretty similar plus I took a bit of Spanish in high school so it comes back but the lisp in Spain is hard to get used to it sounds beautiful but, so different from the Spanglish in America.
We decide to go shopping since we’re both a tad hung over. We walked into town browsing along the way.

We headed to Las Ramblas which is the most famous area for shopping in Barcelona, very touristy, in fact it was so crowded that we moved on pretty quickly. Although we did find some cheap little shops off the main strip where we both made some pretty amazing shoe purchases.

my new handmade sandals, 30 Euro

my new handmade sandals, 30 Euro

The food market looked great but we decided we’d do it later when we were more prepared for the crowds. Instead we walked over to the Contemporary Art Museum where we watched the skateboarders, had some espresso, and photographed a lot of amazing graffiti.

The next part requires some explanation: from the day we arrived in Spain my Sister and I had been noticing and commenting on these pants everyone was wearing. At first we called them diaper pants or MC Hammer pants then they just became ‘The Pants’. Usually made of cotton or linen (although we saw some in jean on our last day) and often in a pattern or bright color worn with a long tank top they have a lot of extra fabric hanging in the crotch area. We saw them everywhere and on this particular day Sister was feeling brave and decided to try a pair on, even though we both agreed they would be really unflattering.

I waited outside the dressing room and took the photo below, which is one of my favorites from the trip. Not only is she wearing them completely incorrectly but there is also an example some Spanish women wearing them well in the back round. We were laughing about it the rest of the day.

Sister is on the left in the pants (up to her chest) while the girls in the back wear them pretty well.

Sister is on the left in the pants (up to her chest) while the girls in the back wear them pretty well.

Then we found a Zara which is similar to H&M, there are some in the US (New York) but because it originates in Spain the one here was better. Sister and I had a little fashion show and ended up purchasing a few things.

I wanted them all but couldn't so I took their photo.

I did buy this purse and the shirt dress though

I did buy this purse and the shirt dress though

When 10 pm rolled around we started to get hungry for dinner (we were surprised how easily we converted to the Spanish timing of things) so we headed towards a place Megan’s boss recommended. Unfortunately it was so delicious that there was not only a long wait but also people standing with plates on the sidewalk. It took us a while but once we got off the main road we found a small place with no wait and on the way we saw a couple Gaudi buildings.

We ordered some Tapas; I ordered mussels because I had wanted to try them here. The wine was great, the food was ok, and the mussels were served out of the shell very cold in red colored oil. They were not for me, I really did try to like them but it was a no go, especially after Sister said they looked like little ears. Ew.

The back of the bench at the bar

The back of the bench at the bar

We moved inside due to a freak rainstorm and decided to drink wine and play cards until it stopped. The rain was similar to New York, so heavy you can’t do anything, not the Seattle drizzle I’m most used to. We ended up taking a taxi back to Born and drinking at a bar next door to our apartment. I tried Frangellico for the first time and quickly developed a crush on the bashful bartender. We went home early so we could wake up early for a day trip to a coastal town.


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